15 January 2007

To Sleep, Perchance


It's 7 AM - past 7 AM - and I have yet to go to sleep.

When is this going to end?

I have spent yet another evening trolling the net, looking for sites to add to the links section of my blog and for knitting inspiration that would entice me into picking up the needles and try something, anything, for goodness sakes.

Perhaps I would be able to think of something if I could think. This lack of sleep is beginning to wear me down. I have no energy, no desire to go out of doors. Crafting with a friend today was a major accomplishment - I not only had a shower (you don't know how rare that is these days), I left the house. You know, got in the car and went to a place that wasn't the market or to visit my mother-in-law. Those trips don't count: both were necessities and duty. And I'm not convinced that I showered either of those days.

I find that I have to make a list of things to get done so that I can remember just to do the basics of a day. I'm no stranger to lists (I love them!), but I wasn't expecting to have to make lists to remind myself what to do when I got out of bed each day until I was well into my 70s. Distressing.

Ah, finally. I am beginning to yawn and my eye lids are finally feeling heavy. I'll take advantage of the moment and head to bed now.

It helps that it still looks like the dead of night outside.

To sleep, perchance before dawn.


Anonymous said...


You seem to be achieving fully nocturnal status. Yay!

Wait... Nay! I did the same thing when I had time off, and it's hard to bust out of. You may need to employ the dreaded alarm and a busy calendar of self-created events. Maybe try hiking? Try a walk somewhere around there and tire yourself out a wee bit? Are there hills? How far away is rough country where you can stretch your legs? Might work. Has worked for me in the past.

Twas lovely to see you over Christmas. We all miss you here terribly. The blog is fantastic. Keep it up. You are a good and entertaining writer thusfar. I still say if you bent your mind to it, you could crank out some lovely writing in a longer form. :) Anyway, I have it bookmarked now, and will check back regularly. Look for comments as well. I might do better with those than with email, suckster that I am.

Love you kid. Cheers.


Black Purl said...

E-Biscuit -

How nice to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you keep enjoying it.

Kisses, Honey!