14 January 2007

iPhone, My Ass

While everyone is busy coveting the new iPhone, I'm dreaming of affordable luxuries that will make my life and life with my laptop computer easier.

I am always on the lookout for new softy-shiny that I can use to (temporarily) sate my gadget jones. While cruising a couple of style blogs last night, I came across this by Belkin. It's designed by Mike & Maaike (Mike & Mike, anyone?!), who have designed some other nifty-looking products, and is available on the Belkin site.

Isn't it beautiful?! So rounded and squishy and Kermit-like. And it can keep scratches off my Precious?!

This thing even has storage for my power cord so that I don't have to hand carry the cord from room to room while I'm roaming with my laptop.

It's freakin' genius, I tell you.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I think that the iPhone is truly revolutionary. And those of you who know me know that my Pavlovian response to all things Apple will not allow me to exist for long without the addition of said revolutionary gadget to my technological menagerie.

I've seen plenty of sites and blogs that mention the iPhone and how sweeeeet it is, but if you want to see a demo of the phone itself, as well as Steve Jobs demonstrating "The Pinch," check out iPhoneFreak.

I'm not proud - I'll admit it - I made the noise when I watched SJ demonstrate "The Pinch." I think you will, too.

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