19 January 2006

This is NOT news, not even Entertainment News

It is a slow day in the Universe when this is what passes for a news story, even if it is on the Entertainment Tonight website.

The Knitting Olympics is news, however. It made Will Femia's Clicked column on the MSNBC web page.

In the spirit of the Knitting Olympics, along with Emy, I have decided to tackle my AbFab Throw kit by Colinette. I am going to make the Scallops throw. Though it's not the easiest one to make, it's supposed to be really easy. We'll see. I have started this kit many times now and keep stopping and starting over because my damn brain refuses to count to 122. Shut up, brain! I am going to start this throw and finish it for the Olympics. I was going to give it to my sister, but as it will now be my trophy for the Knitting Olympics, it may have to stay with me.


Delicious Yarn said...

Hello....what colorway did you get your kit in? They have always intrigued me....Purchasing way too much colinette yarn is what started me on my path to spinning nirvana...I had an obsession with the pt.5

what is your email? The one I received from secret pal 7 keeps bouncing back as undelivered...please email it to me at soulsrest@msn.com

Have a great day!

Emy said...

Agreed re: the Chanel dress thing. It made me so sad to see that this was "news". OH MY GOD SHE WORE A DRESS THAT SOMEONE ELSE WORE TWO YEARS AGO!!!! Ugh. The thing is, though, I know some journalists, and they're all in the camp of "I'd rather stab forks in my eyes than write up this story", but it really does sell. That tells you something about people right there. Which is the part that makes me sad.

In other actual news, we can totally do the AbFab kit. TOTALLY. Don't even count to 122, just put in markers every 10 or 20 stitches, and you only have to count that high. Shoes on or off, it's your choice. ;) Either way, much better than 122.

Is that how much it is? The very sad thing about me is that I haven't even looked at my kit since I smuggled it into the house. It might take me until Feb 10th to find it in my craft room.

And yes, I do need an intervention.