24 January 2006

Crabby McGrumpypants

I was crabby on Saturday. Crabby, crabby, crabby. I blame it on the awful knitting class I went to in Saratoga.

Two things can put me in a bad mood like no other two things on this planet - a bad breakfast or a bad class.

I don't just like breakfast, I LOVE breakfast. I am a breakfast person. I'll never know why people invite me to brunch because I am never gonna eat any damned lunch when I can eat breakfast. Call a spade a spade and invite me to breakfast, because that's what I am going to eat.

Now, if I've had a bad breakfast... woe to all who meet me that day. There is no saving grace for anyone who crosses my path on a day when I have had a bad breakfast. And if that bad breakfast was in a restaurant and I had to pay for it... Well, let's just say that on those days I go home and sit on the couch with my little hands clinched into little fists and stare at a wall and don't dare go outside for fear of the havoc I will wreak on an unsuspecting public. Husband gives me a wide berth, slowing down occasionally to throw raw meat and/or caffeinated beverages in my direction (always remembering to tuck and roll).

This is precisely the mood I end up in when I have to sit through a bad class. And if I had to pay for that bad class...

That was me on Saturday, little fists clenched, staring at a wall and then I decided to go to the mail box to pick up the post. And what should I find waiting for me but a lovely present from my loverly Secret Pal! Awww. The box was stuffed with teas, sock yarn (Rowan Cashsoft among them!) and one that looks like my SP took the time to mix a few yarns together to make me a sock yarn. Let's not forget the maple candies and the "Hello Kitty" Pez dispenser (nice!). The icing on the cake, though, was the copy of The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook, which was on my Amazon wish list and a book that I really, really wanted. It changed my whole perspective on the day. It put me in such a good mood that I was able to go out on Saturday evening to Game Night at a friend's house and have a great time. Until I got the package, I was dreading the thought of going because I was sure I would be a huge buzz-kill.

Thank you, Secret Pal!

The world thanks you, too.


Delicious Yarn said...

yeah...I am so glad you got it...and I am glad you enjoyed! Happy Knitting;)

CjSachiko said...

Secret Pals are the greatest, aren't they? I totally hear you about the paying for a crappy class thing...

Emy said...

You're back! Bloglines told me you had new posts! HOORAY!