16 January 2006

Photos of Gracie

These are photos of the kitten that we rescued on Christmas day.


Delicious Yarn said...

ahhh....cute kitties....I will be heading to the post office today with a package for you....so look out for one this weekend or early next week :)

Emy said...

She's adorable!

Hey, I left a comment in the Yarn Harlot blog (www.yarnharlot.ca) that I'm doing my AbFab for the Knitting Olympics. Next up, a post in my own blog.

Purl said...

Aww, thanks. Emy. She IS cute, isn't she. I posted on the Yarn Harlot blog as well. I guess I better update my own dam blog, too!

Purl said...

Delicious Yarn-

I am looking forward to my little package. I am so very excited!