08 January 2006

Koigu Krazy

I decided to get off my candy ass and go outside today, refusing to spend it entirely indoors with only the cats to talk or kvetch to, so I went over to Commuknity and the very lovely Lolly was there with two skeins of the most beautiful, girly-pink Koigu for me. Lolly is an absolute doll. She was my teacher for Sock School and made it easy to see how a novice like me would be able to (eventually) make a pair of socks that didn't look like a cack-handed monkey had made them. Strangely, I always feel better when the things I make don't look like a cack-handed monkey was involved in any way. I'm just egotistical like that.

Bringing home my gorgeous new yarn inspired me to inventory and chronicle my stash, notions, bags, baskets and works in progress.

What's worse is that I made a spreadsheet in Excel that lists not only the colours and numbers of skeins of all of the yarns, but the yardage, weight, fiber content, weight class, gauge, lot, needle size and care instructions for each as well. I made separate tabs for needle conversion/needle inventory and weight standards for yarn as well.

What's worse than that is that I feel that I've left something out of the spreadsheet.

As my friend's boyfriend would say: nerd, nerdy, nerdly nerdliness.

The truth is that I will sleep much better tonight knowing that it's all organized (much the same way I sleep when I know that all of my shoes are facing the right way and touching in my closet at night). Besides, I couldn't just shove my scrumptious new yarn into a drawer full of mismatched skeins and balls of random yarn, now could I? I'd be thinking about it while I was at work on Monday, planning how I could come home and put it all in order...

Thank heavens I can use the United Behavioral Health part of my company benefits to talk to a therapist.


NotScarlett said...

Hi Paula!

I am trying to send out SP7 matches and am getting a bounce back error when I send to your email address. Please email me at sp7hostess_sarah@yahoo.com ASAP so I can get your match out to you!

Emy said...

You need KnitAble. I'm just saying. ;)