05 May 2009

Roxie Jessica Parker

My puppy is definitely a girly-girl.

She wears a pink diamante collar, she plays with a little pink rhino squeaky toy and right now she's laying on her belly on her little cushion watching Sex and the City.

Who knew that racy talk and Manolo Blahniks were her thing?!

That's my girl...


C Meir said...

Awh, look at that face, and she's smiling!

Anonymous said...

And Milo, watching the rugby eating pizza ? (So long as he isn't eating Chinese again!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh no.....never Chinese again...Charlie can't cope with it!

Just how adorable is that puppy???? But you just know she has the paw that is just out of shot on top of Milo's head to keep him out of the way.


Gemma said...

I've tagged you! have a look at my blog http://www.kraftykoala.co.uk/blog

Gemma x