28 May 2009

Pieces of Eight

KraftyKoala tagged me with possibly the hardest meme I've ever done. I actually had to consider the topics and think about my answers. I think I took less time writing the exam essay that determined whether I would skip remedial English at University.

So here they are, my pieces of eight:

8 things I am looking forward to…..
  1. My step-daughter having her son in August!!!
  2. Ravelry Day UK!
  3. Having a clean boat - the mess keeps me up at night.
  4. Terminator Salvation. 'Nuff said.
  5. Roxie learning to sit and stay.
  6. Reading 50 books in one year.
  7. More arts trails in Scotland.
  8. Warm weather.
8 things I did yesterday…….
  1. Got a bruise from having my blood drawn.
  2. Took two naps.
  3. Talked to my sister in California.
  4. Soaked in the bath while reading "Knots and Crosses".
  5. Bought £20 worth of treats. Nooooo, they're not spoiled...
  6. Noticed that Roxie's "bits" are swollen. My puppy's first season.
  7. Picked up my new toaster. I got the red one!
  8. Made Milo stop humping Roxie's head... and the cat.

8 things I wish I could do…….
  1. Sew! Like KraftyKoala, I have a machine, but lack the skills.
  2. Play my cello well.
  3. Have a Monica Geller-clean house. Oh, if only...
  4. Keep chickens and bees.
  5. Rid myself of my arachnophobia.
  6. Take great photos. Minder has been a fabulous mentor.
  7. Bake! I'd love to be able to make pie crust from scratch.
  8. Still hit a High C. I was able to do it in my youth.

8 shows I watch……
  1. The Big Bang Theory - I laugh so loudly that I frighten the dogs.
  2. Grey's Anatomy - Especially worth it if you need a good cry.
  3. Next Top Model - America's, Britain's, Canada's, whoever's!
  4. Nothing to Declare - I'm hopelessly addicted to the stupidity.
  5. Two and a Half Men - Best Ever? "Old Flame with a New Wick"
  6. As Time Goes By - I know it's old, but I love it.
  7. CSI - I only like the one in Vegas, the original and the best!
  8. Ideal - Graham Duff is my hero.
I don't actually have eight bloggers to tag, so I tagged these six:
Pendle Stitches
Snake Surly
Brown Berry
Meir Cats

And here are the rules in case you need them!
  1. Mention the name of the person who tagged you.
  2. Do the lists of 8.
  3. Tag 8 bloggers of your choice.
  4. Let them know that they have been tagged!

Play along if you like, even if you weren't tagged.

Have fun, kids!


amanda said...

Wow! This could take me a while!

May have to share it with Lily! :D

Black Purl said...

I know! It took me ages...