26 May 2009

Are You Spring-Flinging?!

This past weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend and Himmelbjerget "dragged" me to the Borders and Southwest coast of Scotland for two-days of visiting artists' studios and driving along the glorious, picturesque coast. And by "dragged" I mean she asked and I jumped at the chance!

Despite the rain, Saturday was lovely and I got to see the artist that was number one on my list - Amanda Simmons. She's a glass artist who lives and works in the small village of Corsock, near Castle Douglas. I bought one small vessel from her range of pieces that are cameo engraved on a diamond wheel lathe, but managed to resist one of her large platters that I really, really wanted. I was the very picture of restraint. I may not be so well-behaved if I get to go to Origin in London in October.

But the best day was Sunday.

On Sunday, we had beautiful weather and were rewarded with spectacular views on our drive along the coast. We ventured out to Port William to the studio of printmaker and painter Lisa Hooper. Oh my word! As well as getting to watch her demonstrate her newest technique of doing batik on paper (beautiful!) and viewing her wonderful prints and artwork (displayed along the walls of her gorgeous home), we had tea and homemade pastries in her kitchen served up by volunteers who'd made the cakes and the jam to spread on our freshly baked scones and gave us a tour of the garden and showed us the bee hives and chatted and entertained us before sending us, sated and happy, on our way back to England clutching our linocuts, notebooks and cards.

Were we Spring-Flinging? Yep.

Will we be next year? Yep.


Himmelbjerget said...

Ha ha, we both chose the "Are you Spring Flinging " quote!
Glad you enjoyed being dragged to Scotland!

Black Purl said...

I freakin' LOVED it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you gals had the best road trip. I love your choice (don't I always - you have the best taste!).