28 February 2006

And So It Begins

I packed the very first box today. I packed my husband's clothes from our dresser and a few of his things from the closet.

It all has become so much more real all of a sudden. I'm leaving. Not just moving, but moving moving. I am leaving the only place I have ever lived.

Sure, I've lived in different cities in the U.S., but I have never lived in another country, never been more than a 6-hour drive away from all of the people that mean the most to me.

I'm moving.

Is it bad that I am still excited?


Anonymous said...

no...it is wonderful...and good fun...and a change.....
change is inevitable,
growth is optional...
choose wisely...:)

It is scary...my husband and I left our jobs, sold our house and bought a general store 4 years ago...we put everything we had in to it...it was scary....(especially since I had only run gift shops and he was in the automotive industry)...but it was the right decision...(people freaked, worried...prayed...but we are doing great...and we are happy)...


What are you going to do over there? :)

secret pal

and when do you move...I am working on your last package but it won't be done until (atleast)the third week of the month....

momblab@comcast.net said...

Found your Blog
I have moved SO many times I can not count.It is always an adventure. New things to see, new things to find.As long as you are still speaking English - its easy.