21 February 2006

Manchester England, England

I was going to blog about Stitches West tonight, about all of the goodies I got while I was there. I was going to find pictures of some of the things that I purchased and post them along with my thoughts on Stitches. I was going to do all of that.

Then I remembered that today was Monday. Monday, the 20th of February, in the year two-thousand, double-aught, six.

I know what you're thinking: so what? What the frick is so special about the 20th? What on earth could be so special about a Monday?!

Today is the day that we exchanged contracts for the house that we purchased in ENGLAND!!

My sister-in-law was there to sign the papers and pick up the keys in our stead, but now I wish that I had taken the week off, hopped a flight to England and signed the papers and picked up the keys myself. Still, I can't stop grinning and I can't stop thinking about the fact that I am now a homeowner. A homeowner... Yow!

I'm congested, I'm coughing and sneezing and I can barely stay awake. I am behind on my knitting and I am gravely in danger of not medaling in the Knitting Olympics and I coouldn't care less.

It has been a very good day.

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Emy said...

Congratulations on the house!

One of my (very) long time Internet friends lives in Manchester...when you get there, you'll have to meet him sometime. :)