18 July 2009


Today is my 5th wedding anniversary.

When choosing anniversary presents, the husband and I use the traditional gift table as our inspiration. Usually, we try to be fairly inventive, interpreting the medium if necessary to make the gift fit. For year one, I bought him the newly published Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and he got me plane tickets (paper); for our second I bought him designer denim that he wanted (cotton and remember, he's schmancy!) and so on and so on.

For the fifth wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is something made of wood. This year, I bought him a walnut and sycamore clock to put on the boat. Traditional, applicable, admittedly not very imaginative.

Here's where the interpretation bit kicks in. We went to Derek Woodman and he bought me this:

My very own little whizzer.

Thanks, hon!

Happy Anniversary! xx


amanda said...

You lucky thing! A very abstract interpretation of the wood theme!

Do you still get to drive the TT too?

Anonymous said...

Beep! Beep!

Black Purl said...

(in a Monica Geller-esque intonation) I know! It is a most abstract interpretation. Yes, I still get to drive the TT. In fact, I'm required to drive it every once on a while since it will need to be started occasionally. I do feel very lucky.