18 September 2007


In preparation for Milo's arrival, we had to "puppy-proof" the house.

It was an undertaking of larger-than-expected proportions. We never realized how dangerous our house was, since we're both adults, (generally) have complete control of our motor skills and (again, generally) know better than to chew on electrical cords.

There are few things that make me as happy as organizing something to within an inch of its life. I do so love the idea of creating a bucolic, orderly haven out of what was - quite recently - a chaotic, haphazard mess. So, it was with relish that I moved the oil-fired heater from the floor in the kitchen, instructed the husband to shore up all the small gaps in the garden fences and set to reorganizing our (how very American) walk-in closet.

Now, knowing that puppies like to chew and knowing that the husband would scream blue murder if our new puppy chewed his fantastically expensive shoes, I decided it was time for me to make my move and ask for shelves that I had been wanting for ages.

The problem? The shelves were at Ikea.

It takes a lot - and I mean a lot - to get the husband to go there. We're talking bribes and the promise of sexual favors here. A trip to the Swedish hell that is Ikea has a lot of stipulations attached to it: I have to know exactly what I want and it's better still if I know exactly where that thing is in the self-service aisles. It behooves me to know the color and the dimensions of said thing before we've left the house and I should be willing to push that heavy-goods cart with the one wonky, plastic-clogged wheel without making a fuss or running over the husband's schmancy shoes.

I also have to purchase Swedish fish for the drive home.

With my own money.

Still, he was no match for me.

I convinced him to go and to buy me shelves by pulling out his pair of cafe au lait-colored, butter-soft suede driving shoes from aforementioned expensive shoe shop and asked him to visualize them covered in puppy hair and drool, complete with teeth marks and holes.

I got my shelves.

I chose simple LACK shelves in the birch effect and we put them up the next day.

My closet now looks like this:

The blue thing in the frame is the first thing I ever knitted. And, yes, the thing in the window is a Manolo Blahnik shoe horn. I did tell you that he was schmancy.

Is it sad that I'm equally excited looking at my closet as I am thinking of eating those doghnut cupcakes?

I don't think so.

Not for one minute.


Emy said...

Ooh, can you imagine how many doughnut cupcakes would fit on those shelves? *drool*

Bobbin's Nest Studio said...

It just made my heart sing to not only see your shoes lined up in a pretty little row, but to see "the blue piece of crap" framed on the wall. I am a little teary, I must admit. AND YOU KEPT THE GREEN SHOES THAT I SAID NOT TO THROW AWAY! Good girl! From one OCD shoe-aholic to another, cheers to your perfect new closet!!!

WantonWriter said...

Wow. I am learning so much more about you while you're living in England than the scores of lunches spent in San Francisco together. HAWT!

I am Sara. said...

Ooohhh I LOVE you shoe display! Very, very jealous!

Kat said...

I have dreams about closets. I once lived in a studio apartment that had a walk in closet so large it was almost a bedroom. But I kept it as a beautiful closet with furniture. Now I only dream of a perfect closet ... maybe in the next place.

Kate Schmidt said...

I have total shelf envy now.