26 April 2009

Like Babette

Friday was Himmelbjerget's birthday and we were invited to celebrate with her and feast.

And feast we did.

I'm furious with myself for not bringing a camera and taking pictures of the gorgeous meal we had (and I mean gorgeous in both the American and the English sense).

Our first course was a delicious beetroot and apple soup, served with blinis, smoked salmon and soured cream. Yum! For mains, we had the most beautiful open-faced sandwiches, my favorite being the amazing Danish Blue cheese and Pear on artisan Rye. Sha-mon! It was all I could do not to pull the plate of sandwiches to me and tip the entire thing into my mouth. We finished off with Himmelberjet's meal with a decidedly moreish coffee-infused ganache-filled gateau. So, so lovely.

And all of this was eaten off of her wonderful Bing & Grondahl "Seagull" patterned dinnerware (apparently some it over one hundred years old!!).

Delicious food, much laughter, good friends and reasons to celebrate. Who could ask for more?

Happy Birthday, X!

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