31 January 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

Most days, I think people suck. And service - customer service - does not exist.

Not today.

Today, I am tired. And when I say tired (these days) I mean tired. Really, really tired. In the British vernacular: shattered.

Today is one of the bad days. The iron pills are making no difference, the anti-flow pills are making no difference and the pain pills... well, let's just say they're the final part of the "making-no difference" trifecta . Sigh.

Dogs fed, I didn't have the energy to feed myself, so I succumbed to my baser instincts and ordered food in from the local takeaway.

My order was not complicated: wings and potato wedges.

Wings and potato wedges.

When the food arrived, the order wasn't right. I looked out my front door to see the driver still sitting in his car. I signaled and he came back. I told him that my order was wrong. I expected him to tell me to call the takeaway and let them sort it. Instead, to my great delight and surprise, he had me call the restaurant, he told them to organize a new order for my address and then told me not to mention that the original order was wrong and just keep the food he'd delivered. He drove off.

Less than 20 minutes later, the same driver reappeared with the wings I ordered and two orders of garlic bread (because he couldn't find more wedges). Awwww. He delivered it all with a smile and an apologetic shrug.

Just when I give up on people being nice to each other.

And on a day when I felt like this.


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