27 November 2009

Yeah, Socks!

Today I finished my first pair of socks. Ever.

Other people knit socks all the time. They knit them like they're going out of style or, like, they're easy or something.

I watch people knit socks while I'm at SnB on a Thursday night and they knit on these tiny little needles - making the pattern up on the fly, changing the stitch count , subbing a different heel or toe because they don't like the heel or toe that the designer used for the sock their knitting.

Some of the people in this group do it without looking.

It's crazy, but good crazy. My kind of crazy.

Not only was this my first pair of socks, but it was my first Mystery knit and my first knit-a-long, all at the same time.

And now that I've finished my first pair of socks, I'm hooked and I'm trying to decide what pattern to knit next!

This one is the Through the Loops Mystery Sock 2009, knitted in madelinetosh tosh sock in the colourway "Shell" and knitted on KnitPicks Harmony 3.00 mm DPNs.

I knitted these week-by-week, per the Mystery Knit-a-long, with no modifications other than needle size to obtain gauge.


Emy said...


I want to see pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And toasty toes for this cold weekend. Perfect.

laurenchip said...

oo I like them they look very comfy

katya said...

I'm so proud!

verdepomodoro said...

me tooooo! I'm jelous! I want to do my first pair of socks too!
yours are wonderful!