04 January 2009

Climbing Trees

Today I went looking for Milo.

Mind you, he was in our back garden and he was supposed to be out doing his business, so I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary.

Maybe he'd finished and maybe he hadn't, but whatever he'd done he was doing something else now... he was climbing a tree.

That's right, my bloody dog was climbing a tree.

A frickin'

He was about a quarter of the way up, just as cool as you please, looking over the fence into our neighbor's garden.

Crazy-ass dog.

Unfortunately, I freaked and called his name instead of running indoors and grabbing the camera, so there's no photo. Just the one of him doing what he's doing now.

Good grief.


C Meir said...

I'm jealous; I can't climb a tree...

Anonymous said...

Just thank the lord he doesn't have opposable thumbs. Goodness only knows what he'd be up to then! He looks so angelic when asleep! Ha! Love him. Charlie says hi!

TiggerLarue said...

Proof that dogs rule because I see nothing about him getting stuck in the tree.

amanda said...

See now he doesn't look crazy-ass in this photograph. In fact, he looks like butter wouldn't melt!