05 November 2008


It's the early hours of the morning here.

I am a long way from home tonight, living in my adopted country, watching the most important U.S. election that I will probably experience in my lifetime.

Polls are closing on the East Coast and people in the Midwest and people on the West Coast are still voting.

My fingers are crossed.

My heart is in my mouth.

Forget that he's Black, forget what this will mean for history. Think only of what this election - what Barack Obama - will do for us (U.S.) as a country.


Change us, change our perception of what can and cannot be done, change the landscape of hope and determination for generations of people, change our global image, change the notion that we can't change.

Yes. We. Can.

I believe that.


Anonymous said...

it's definatly going to be a interesting couple of years whilst he's in power, I think it will take a lot if time to change America though.
It was also on the news that as soon as Barack was elected all the hotels in Washington were fully booked within a matter of hours, for his entrance to the White House (I can't spell enorgeration) apparently that's never happened before, so he's one popular guy.
Adam xxxx

TiggerLarue said...

I was glued to the television that night. I can't remember the last time I felt so much hope for our country.